Monday, May 21, 2018

How Rando

Hello hello!

I have decided to delete all of my old blogs to start fresh. And I also didn't write in anything since February of 2017.  So let me get you all caught up to speed.

On May 26, 2017 I moved in with my boyfriend, Rob, and began a new journey in my life. Living with someone you love is incredibly easy. We don't fight, and we get to see each other every day. We still take each other out on dates. Currently we are re-watching all the Marvel movies in chronological order. 

On September 30, 2017 I went to Cancun with my childhood best friend. I returned home on October 6th to witness my friend's wedding and Rob's brother's wedding. It was a busy day for me, two weddings one day, phew!!

Celebrated the holidays with the family and then we welcomed 2018 at Rob's cousin house. We also planned a trip to visit Colombia right after our birthday. Did I mention that we share the same birthday? How cool is that?!

January 24, 2018 OUR BIRTHDAY!! I treat my birthday like a national holiday. I rarely even show up for work on my birthday. However this year was different. This year my birthday not only landed on a Wednesday, but I was also leaving the country that Saturday and couldn't afford to take the day off. I waited ALL DAY to exchange presents with Rob and finally around 6pm we were able to sit down and give each other our gifts. I knew I was getting my coveted Kate Spade wine watch, but Rob told me that he had one more surprise. He goes into the den, and tells me to wait in the sitting room while he sets up my present. I am thinking what else could he got me? A giant teddy bear? Clothes? A puppy? Finally after hours of waiting, okay maybe 5 minutes, I am called into his den and to my surprise I see a tripod. A freaking tripod. Rob was so excited to give me this wonderful tripod (to be fair it is nice). I recently started filming myself cooking and so he thought that I could benefit from a tripod. The present face was real. Still I smiled and said thank you. Hey at least I got my watch right? Rob wanted to take pictures using the tripod, I really didn't want to, but I still smiled for a photo. Rob told me that he thinks there is something wrong with the camera and decided to check it and then retake the photo with me. During this time he started recording. He comes back, kisses me, and ASKS ME TO BE HIS WIFE FOR LIFE! I screamed, I cried, I laughed, I conquered. We have the entire proposal recorded which is nice. I immediately called my parents, and apparently Rob asked back in November! Then we drove over to his parents to share the news with them. We finally got to enjoy our birthday dinner, and began calling/texting our close family members and friends about the news. Saturday we flew out to Colombia and shared with social media that the two coolest kids are going to get married.

January 26 - present day, our time has been consumed by wedding planning. I knew the date that I wanted us to get married, but we had to see if the venue had it available. I knew weddings were expensive, but not this expensive! Within two months we were able to secure a venue, a date, a catering company, a photographer, and a videographer. Our engagement will be about a year and seven months, so we are able to plan and save. We are currently in the process of getting our wedding party in order and getting ready for our engagement party. 

My vision for this blog to write in it monthly at a minimum. I plan on blogging about my wedding planning, continue to review products, and my weight loss journey. I may also include some projects I have been working on, Gisela's Ratchet Kitchen & Gisela's Ratchet Salon.

Just a sneak peak on my weight loss journey, I started 2017 at 159 lbs, my heaviest weight, I currently weigh 132 lbs. I did personal training and strength training. I just started using a barbell, I have no weight goal, but I do hope to be fit and lean by wedding day.

Thanks for reading!

Until next time 💖

My handsome Fiance