Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Sweat and bikinis

Happy St. Valentine's Day everyone!

So far I was able to pet two new dogs this month and I lost weight.

This month I have decided to partake in Insanity with the hopes of losing more weight quickly. Within the first week I lost 2 pounds! I have been trying to do it every day, but today and yesterday I was unable to go to the gym due to my doctor telling me I should stay home a rest. I am not even allowed to go to work. So I just take the dogs for an hour walk and call it a day.

Last month I was outreached by a bikini company and they want me to help promote them! I will be writing a review in my March blog. Basics of the company, it's all handmade in Miami Florida. Swimsuits can be a problem for larger chested women as we have limited selection to chose from. So I am very excited that  I was able to pick my design and style and have a suit custom tailored to me.


Still dislike going to the gym, but I enjoy seeing some results. The month of January I lost 3.15 inches in my waist, 2.16 inches in my bust, gained 1.57 inches in my stomach (very strange, but I did my measurements after I ate a delicious breakfast that my wonderful boyfriend made me), and lost a whopping 0.2 pounds. I was a little disheartened by the lack of weight I lost, I worked out every week and worked my butt off! I, for the most part, eat healthy. You really can't eat that much junk food when you try to adhere to a vegan diet (I am still vegetarian because cheese is my downfall. Sorry cows). I wasn't going to toss in the towel yet. I decided to buy a swimsuit for my upcoming vacation and summer adventures. I found the most gorgeous swimsuit that I ever did see at Target and I just had to buy it! Once I got home I decided to try it on and look in the mirror. I was really surprised with what I saw. Even though I am not slender, I was rocking that bikini! I decided to take a picture of myself and upload to social media, and that's when I was contacted buy the swimsuit company out in Florida. 
Excited that I was going to represent a swimsuit company, I told my boyfriend that I need to lose more weight and tone up quickly. He suggested Insanity, and let me tell you, those workouts are insane. We just completed week one last week, and I lost 2 pounds! By the time we finish one workout video I feel like I can fill an Olympic size swimming pool with just my sweat alone. My goal is by the end of March to lose at least 7-10 pounds. 
I have always had a passion of leggings and when I started working out weekly in January, I began to buy workout pants, which is just like leggings, but for the gym. I think I have about 20 pairs of workout pants now. This month, I decided to invest in the dry-fit shirts for my workouts. I was looking on-line and even at Dick's. I couldn't justify buying one shirt for $30+ when I can use that same $30 and buy 2 pairs of leggings. Off to TJMaxx I went! I ended up getting about 10 different workout shirts for $50, with name brands including Under Armor, Nike, and Adidas. Now that I have a nice selections of work out clothes that I can sweat into, I needed to upgrade my shoes (yes I understand I own 3 different pairs of Nike's, but I just need one more). I went to several different stores to find the best gym shoes a girl could ask for, but I just couldn't find the style that screamed GISELA. So I did what any impulsive shopper would do, go on pinterest. During my little pinning session, I remembered my Barre instructor having the cutest pairs of Nike's imaginable, the "swish" was bedazzled in glitter. So I bought myself a pair of glittery Nike's and they should be at my house within the next 3-7 weeks. Great things take time. 
If it weren't for the cute gym clothes, I don't think I would have even gone inside a gym. Well that and for Rob picking me up and taking me to the gym.


I have always enjoyed the idea of reviewing companies/products. I do this on a regular basis when it comes to clothes and makeup when I talk to my friends. My one friend sells makeup and asked me, and few others, to review her line. So I did. I honestly wasn't all that impressed, but I was really happy to receive free samples and try them out. I like it so much that I was looking into affiliate websites, but decided against it because I didn't want to buy a domain when I have this blog right here. I was trying to decided what I should review next, more makeup, work out clothes, dog items, when I was blessed with another opportunity to review/promote a company. I just received my custom bikini yesterday in the mail and I am so excited to tell you all more about it next month. 

Until Next Time


Turned 26 on January 24

Right before my insanity workout
Getting our bodies ready for Mexico!

My custom made bikini, Colombian style

Saturday, January 21, 2017

A Brand New Beginning


My name is Gisela, pronounced He-say-la. I'm an animal lover, Colombian, and a free spirit. I have fought and won my battles with cancer - skin and cervical. I have a degree in Psychology and I currently work with homeless people with mental illness in my county. I believe in love at first sight and standing up for your beliefs.  

Now you that you the basics, let's dive in!

To my faithful readers who were with me in the beginning, you may have noticed that all previous blogs have been removed. This was done because, well I just wanted a fresh start at blogging again. To my new readers, welcome! 

My new year resolutions were: to pet a new dog on a weekly/monthly basis, love more, and to get fit!

So far I have been able to pet 3 new dogs this month. Pepe lives in my 
boyfriend's apartment and wears stylish sweaters. I have meet two Great Danes on a walk around my neighborhood. I forgot their names, but they looked like miniature horses and they were very well behaved.

I have been in love for seven months with such an incredible human being. Rob has been my rock, my best friend, and fills my heart with happiness. 

I have a love-hate relationship with working out. I will workout, really get into it for a few weeks, and then just stop going to the gym/working out.

 Over the summer I got a FitBit and started taking barre classes. I lost 10 pounds, and then quit. I still wear my FitBit, and love getting my steps in, but haven't been to a barre class in some time. Rob decided to help me with my goal by taking me to the gym. His family owns a gym so I really have no excuse to not work out. For three months now I have been going to the gym on a weekly basis, averaging about 3 visits a week. Last time I worked out that much was back in high school when I was on the swim team. 

When we first started going to the gym, I was only able to do 5 or 8 pound weights with a recovery time that lasted what seemed like years! After the first two weeks I remember not being able to walk, lift my arms, or to sit without any pain. I wanted to give up. Was being in in pain really worth it? I was by no means fat, but I did have a chubby tummy. I figured I would give it a month, and if I was still in pain, I would just stop going to the gym. 

Today I am able to do 20 pound weights, I'm starting to see some changes in my figure, and my recovery time is much quicker. I by no means enjoy going to the gym, I still hate it and wish I was in bed sleeping, but I know the pay off will be worth it. It also give me an excuse to buy workout clothes, which we all know are the perfect lounge clothing. I have to thank Rob for this because not only does he take me to the gym, but he is also my trainer. I also get rewarded after every workout with food. Classic Pavlov. 

 I am going to try blog at least once a month about whatever the frick I feel like. So welcome 2017, here are to new beginnings and new adventures!

Until next time